Day in the Life

A pair of little, sleepy brown eyes is the first thing I see every morning that my step son wakes up at our place.

Trying not to wake his dad – who is, without fail, enjoying a sleep in – Brody visits my side of the bed and whispers: “Good morning Mummy Marissa”.

His next predictable, yet adorable, move involves a swift leap over me in a bid to squeeze into the tiny gap between myself and Brad. It’s family cuddle time.

“Can I have some breakfast please? I’m hungry,” our bottomless pit of a little human then says.

Once Brody’s tummy is fleetingly satisfied, he asks to give Ace, our white and caramel maltese shih tzu x jack russell terrier, some attention.

Giggles ensue and then little man needs to be active. Game day for soccer takes care of that, otherwise it’s a lazy Sunday or a school day and even then he’s jumping around or doing one of his ‘workouts’ with Dad.

Then it’s lunch time because “you guys, I’m STARVING”. Have you noticed a theme yet?

If I haven’t dropped him to school that day, it’s the three of us and we’re running errands before having some quality time together.

Card or board games are our go-to. Brody loves Memory because he has a 99 per cent chance of winning. I’m competitive and would love to say he cheats but the kid simply possesses next-level recall.

Then it’s limited Xbox time followed by quiet play time with Star Wars, Lego or army toys, always accompanied by his spot on sound effects.

“Ummmm, my tummy is grumbling, can I have some food please?”

That’s when we know it must be the afternoon, and that a growth spurt is on its way.

Next step in our day is either seeing close family or friends, because everyone is hanging to see Brody, or choosing between bike rides and dog walks.

We then take care of homework if our boy has any, listen to him read a few pages of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and settle down to a movie or a football game.

Not surprisingly, food is involved because by this stage he’s wasting away (LOL).

With his night light on at a rebellious 9pm (not a school night), he showers Brad and I with goodnight hugs and kisses.

“I love you guys, see you in the morning”.

Of course we do other things and go through highs and lows like all families do, but it’s these special and beautifully repetitive moments we love most.

They are the things we know will one day evolve and change, and they are what we remember when Brody is at his mum’s house and we’re missing him – which is the second we leave him.

Until next time,

Marissa xx


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